In the Grey
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fanfic by seigus adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

In the Grey

Furious typing on the keyboards.

Hurried flipping of documents. The fourth-floor office in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department was a hive of activity.

A hand picked up the phone before the first ring ended.

“CIB Unit 47, Ayase speaking,” a crisp, feminine voice answered. All other activities in the room ceased as four pairs of ears pricked up.

“You found out where they are dealing? Great- What? In fifteen minutes?” Sky blue eyes widened at the new information. “We can only reach in twenty.

No, don’t take action on your own, understand? Honoka? Honoka!” Ayase Eli slammed the phone down, startling her team members who had gathered around her the moment the call came through.

“Where’s Honoka?” Concerned amber eyes peered intently at Eli. Sonoda Umi had a sinking feeling in her stomach from the way the call ended.

Eli bolted up, grabbing the bulletproof vest draped over the back of her chair. “We’re heading to Setagaya. Honoka has tracked the Blue Men to an abandoned warehouse there.

The drug deal will take place in fifteen minutes when the buyer arrives. Knowing her, she's going to intervene on her own if we don't make it in time.”

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