In The Eyes of A Wolf
In The Eyes of A Wolf adam lambert/tommy joe ratliff stories

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In The Eyes of A Wolf

The wolves ran through the woods, Kira glancing back making sure Ron was with them. Stopping at the lake she sat waiting for the rest to catch up. Kira hadn’t wanted the job of looking after the

but as her father was the Alpha of the pack he’d insisted. She’d complained, said her brother should be looking after him.

Her father had told her that her brother had enough to do making sure the pack was safe from neighbouring packs.

There’d been tension between the Burbank Pack and the Pasadena Pack and he didn’t want an all-out war as the LA High Council wouldn’t be too pleased.

So here she was,

Ron when all she wanted to do was have fun with her boyfriend. As the rest of the wolves reached the lake they waited to see what Kira would do.

She felt like going swimming so once everyone was there she shifted back to human form and waded into the lake. The group followed suit and waded out to join her, with the exception of Ron.

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