In the Eye of the Dragon
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A written piece by evryderwriter adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

In the Eye of the Dragon

The gray gates of the state penitentiary ground open.

A lone figure waited until the gears lurched to the halt to step just outside the foreboding shadows of the menacing gargoyles standing guard.

A black sedan pulled forward and the front passenger door swung open.

The figure's bald head bowed deeply to his chest and he wrapped his black trench coat tightly about him as he climbed into the car. The gates closed as the car pulled away.

In the passenger side mirror, a fierce image of a curled black dragon appeared. The ensnared smoldering eye cast a lanced glare at the retreating entrance to hell.

Behind those gates, he'd learned a new way of living, and rebuilt his faith in himself and no one else. He learned to be a leader, a wolf among sheep. It was a process not without difficultly.

But he had to come out on top. No matter what or who it took, he

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