in the bed where you lie
in the bed where you lie rick and michonne as bros stories

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in the bed where you lie

He didn’t even have to think about the shot.

It wasn’t quite a reflex, because he sure as fuck meant to do it, but later Daryl couldn’t remember any specific second where he told himself, ‘okay, shoot that bitch.’

He remembered certain things though.

He remembered how Beth’s lips had trembled when Rick had cupped the back of her head, and how watching the way he had drawn Beth forward to kiss her on the forehead right after the exchange,

had made Daryl think of the way Rick kissed his own kids. Beth had smiled and obviously looked around for Maggie.

Daryl had only gotten a quick second to welcome her back, a moment to think that everything was gonna work out, before the cop had spoken. Then everything went to shit.

He remembered that Noah had time for a frustrated sigh before he’d offered himself as a hostage to the cop’s demand.

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