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short story by mininephthys adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

In Stitches

Nessiah is known as a talented prophet more from his massive reserves of experience to draw on than from real abilities to tell the future on a moment’s notice.

He can predict, but he can’t pinpoint.

It doesn’t take a prophet to know that if matters continue the way they are, Emilia’s blood will overwhelm her.

It takes a strong person to control the power of Brongaa’s blood, and she currently believes that she’s weak, and that her only real use is in combat.

Now that Aegina has been reunited with her sister and made peace with her father, there’s not nearly as much combat going on.

Nessiah knows that she’ll lose control, but he doesn’t know when, and that’s dangerous.

A rampaging Emilia could throw a serious wrench in any plans of his, not even counting the effect it would have on Garlot.

So, he thinks it’s best to step in.

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