In Sickness And In Health.
In Sickness And In Health. alicia simmons/mikey way stories

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A fan work by englishhorrorstory adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

In Sickness And In Health.

Frank's skin looks a little.... grey.

Yeah, a little grey. Translucent, maybe.

Frank's always been a little pale, Gerard thinks to himself as he watches his boyfriend potter around the bus, not exactly the paleness that he'd managed to aquire himself over all these years,

but Frank had definitely been pale and not grey. He looked like he was getting sick- again. God, Gerard hoped not.

The tiny guitarist only just recovered from the cold he'd picked up in Asia and that had been hell.

It's not that Frank's difficult when he's sick because he isn't, he's so used to being sick that he's become a star patient over the years.

Actually, Frank normally manages to look after himself most of the time whenever he's ill.

Gerard on the other hand is a bitchy sick person, complaining and whining and that's probably why Frank preferred to take care of himself,

to lessen the risk of Gerard catching whatever illness was going around.

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