In Search of Home
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In Search of Home

The woman showed every one of her seventy-six years. It seems to Kylo Ren that she has aged more in the nine since he last saw her than in the previous sixty-seven.

That had been on Bespin, back when he was still Ben Solo.

He and Skywalker had gone to her home, and for what had to be the six-hundredth time, his uncle had tried to persuade her to come to the Jedi Temple.

She had refused; stated that she didn't belong there. Dismissed the argument with a tired smile and just poured more tea.

A week later, she had vanished and had not been seen by anyone in the galaxy until today – when the First Order captured her without incident. Almost as if she had been waiting for the

to come along and scoop her up.

He was looking forward to delving into that brain of hers; if only Hux would leave the two of them alone.

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