In Remembrance
In Remembrance final fantasy xiii-2 stories

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In Remembrance



The first time she watched him die, Lightning’s heart stopped.

Like a marionette with its strings cut, Hope crumples to the ground beside his fallen colleagues.

A horrible, gurgling noise escapes him as he reaches out with bloodstained fingers towards the boomerang that lies only inches away – his last ditch attempt at rebellion. But he never makes it.

Another wave of bullets descends upon him, making him spasm as they shred apart what remains of his battered body. His outstretched hand slackens, and a glaze films over once-vibrant green eyes.

She recoils from the vision, stumbling into a nearby banister. A white fog engulfs her, clouding her mind, choking her lungs. This cannot be real.

Hope cannot be dead.

He is too important, too

– and not simply because he’d entrenched himself amongst her loved ones, conjuring feelings of warmth and pride whenever she thinks of him.

As the leader of the Academy – the governing body that oversaw Cocoon’s resettlement – he truly is his namesake. He is

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