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A short story by parodysphoria posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

In Reality

You stand amongst the wreckage of the battle just finished, surrounded by your friends and the surviving trolls. The scenery flickers ominously in the dark, starry setting.

You don't know if there's any of the game left, and that worries you.

You try and speak but your words are lost over the sound of John cheering excitedly and offering the other members of your human team e-high-fives.

The trolls look uneasy, or as uneasy as the game will let them look. You can't hear them any more but you can see their words.

You can see capitalised grey sentences flicker briefly before being drowned out by John congratulating everyone on such a good game.

You've defeated the final boss, there's nothing left to do.

"Hey so what's everyone's actual screen na-"

The screen fades to black, a luminous green house symbol pulsating light into your vision as it deletes the words you'd just begun typing.

You can hear John, Jade and Rose talking through your headset over the haunting piano refrain of the Sburb credits.

You press your hands against your computer desk and push backwards, blinking your eyes to adjust to the darkness of your room.

You don't know how many hours you've been on today, but it was definitely not nighttime when you sat down to play.

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