In Plain Sight
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A fiction by vienn_peridot posted on commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

In Plain Sight

Blurr was jerked out of recharge by an uncomfortable rippling in his lower belly.

It was time.

The Agent buried himself under the mound of blankets piled on his berth, pretending he hadn’t felt anything and hoping against hope that this wasn’t actually happening.

A brief notification ping to his HUD informed him that yes, it was.

With a sigh, Blurr submitted to the prodding of his systems and initiated the transformation sequence, reassuming the form he had been sparked with.

Aerodynamic armour took on lines that were still just as smooth but somehow sharper, more dangerous-looking.

Stubby claws protruded from Blurr’s fingers, swiftly retracting back into sheathes in his fingertips.

His helm crest lengthened and curved elegantly before splitting down the centre, the two halves sliding across his helm until the bases came to rest just above his temples,

echoing the line of his helm. Hips spread while aft, torso and limbs took on more mass, balanced out by an increase in height so that he retained his sleek racer lines.

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