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A fanfic by cazmalfoy adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

In Person

John had been in the room precisely five seconds before he had been assaulted. Well, maybe assaulted was the wrong word. Being assaulted was usually a bad thing with lots of pain involved

No, what John was going through might be torture, but there was definitely no pain. Only pleasure: Lots and lots of pleasure.

He glanced down and moaned loudly, letting his head fall back against the door at the sight before him.

John might be a flirt, but Scott was still the one who made his heart race the most and who managed to make him go weak at the knees.

The architect looked up at him with bright blue eyes and grinned around the cock that was in his mouth.

He loved being able to surprise his lover, and flying to the States from the UK to see him was a pretty big surprise.

John had been in New York for a while working on The Producers, leaving Scott alone in London. He hadn’t been able to leave work until the day before.

So, instead of telling John, Scott had booked himself on the next flight out of Heathrow and landed in JFK eight hours later.

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