In Other Worlds
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In Other Worlds

When Hyoubu had reached out his hand to Hinomiya for him to shake it, he didn't expect for Hinomiya to instead take an urgent stride forward and put his arms around him tightly.

His eyes widened as he felt the warmth and weight of the other man on him (had he grown taller?).

He could feel one of his hands behind his head and the other arm around his shoulders, unwilling to let him go.

"What's this?" He asked, though he didn't need to. He wanted his tone to come out teasing, but it came out quite somber.

It had been awhile (a really long while) since they had seen each other face to face. There had been many adventures for both them.

Adventures separate from each other, that took place worlds apart from each other. Sometimes, they'd dance around each other. Working together, but never meeting.

He didn't need to see Hinomiya's face to see the expression he had on. Something akin to both relieved and pained all at once.

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