In Love and War
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In Love and War

Sandy had known Pitch for a long time, longer than any of his fellow guardians; originally it had been just the two of them in the world, and…they had been good friends.

But, to Sandy, friendship wasn’t enough.

To him, Pitch was his missing half; he was his foil and his equal… he completed him.

Surly Pitch felt the same, surly he realized that they belonged together.

But when Sandy confessed this, Pitch had laughed in his face,

“Either that’s a joke or you’ve gone daft little man,” he teased, “There is nothing between us.”

Sandy had felt as if his world were crumbling, his heart ripped to shreds.

Stars are generally good, kind creatures, but they have very passionate emotions, when they’re happy they’re euphoric, when they’re angry they’re enraged, when they’re hurt,

they’re impaired…and when they’re

, they are

And Sandy was of a


So really, it’s not all to surprising that the Wishing Star didn’t handle rejection well, and was very capable of holding a grudge.

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