In Harm's Way
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In Harm's Way

Commander Harmon Rabb swore softly under his breath and marched into the JAG office.  This was supposed to be his day off.

Major Sarah MacKenzie looked up as he entered and a beatific smile curved her lips, “Good morning Commander.  The Admiral’s waiting for us.”

Five minutes later both of them were standing in front of Admiral Chegwidden who looked extremely put out.

“Do you two know where I should be this morning?” he demanded.  When no answer was forthcoming he continued, “I should be on an aeroplane to Italy to meet up with my daughter.

Instead I am here briefing you three. There’s been an incident on the USS Pocahontas, and I wanted my best officers on the case.”

“Yes, sir,” they said in unison.

“Right, I am now going to the airport to try and get a flight to Rome.  With any luck my daughter will forgive my tardiness.”

Commander Rabb stepped off the helicopter; his cap tucked tightly under one arm, waiting as his colleagues disembarked.

They too had removed their hats, having learned from past experience that the draught from the helicopter’s blades would remove their headgear.

Straightening his shoulders, Rabb led the way from the flight deck.  Captain Decker was waiting for them on the bridge, “Commander, Major, Lieutenant,” he acknowledged each one of them.

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