in hard armoured words we are drowned
in hard armoured words we are drowned mentorship feelings stories

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A story by kimaracretak adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

in hard armoured words we are drowned

There is a very long list of things Carol Fitzpatrick does not believe in.

Coincidences, fate, boys who tell the truth, and gods are fairly high on the list; politicians occupy the very highest spot.

This list of disbeliefs gets her through a childhood in Washington D.C. with zero boyfriends, two suspensions from her Catholic high school, and an internship at the Washington Post.

Her life is on track, until the day she sees CJ Cregg on television.

, she thinks.

And then,

And then,

She is not, precisely, wrong.

Her mother thinks Carol's crazy when she starts talking about joining the Bartlet campaign. Throwing her life and career away, to be exact, and maybe that's worse. Carol just rolls her eyes. The

isn't for her, she tries and fails to explain, more than once,

the peculiar combination of grit and artifice all spun round with an arrogant carelessness that marks their journalism has never sat right with her.

Campaigns might have a loose, subjective view of truth, but at least they

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