In Good Spirits
In Good Spirits kingdom hearts stories

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In Good Spirits

Slipping into the chilly water, the slim man began to swim in a slow breaststroke, ignoring the chlorine stinging his nose and sinuses.

After reaching the other side of the pool, he flipped over and turned around, using the wall of the pool as a backboard to pivot and push himself back in the direction of his starting point.

The male continued the routine for several minutes, keeping a constant pace in order to get his blood and heart pumping.

As the swimmer flipped and turned around for another lap, he suddenly went under without warning.

He tried to get back above the surface, but it was like his body was suspended beneath the water and refused to listen to him.

After a while, the swimmer's lungs started to burn as his limbs ached from his struggling.

After several minutes of frantically fighting to break the water's surface, the man lifted up an arm toward the surface before falling motionless as his vision faded to black.

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