In Every World, In Every Reality
In Every World, In Every Reality damien vryce/gerald tarrant stories

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In Every World, In Every Reality

“Commander Tarrant, in my room,” he said, and quickly crossed the bridge of the 'Heart of the Flame', his beautiful Nebula class ship,

sweeping many cooing brown and sand-colored balls of fur from various consoles in the process.

“Care to explain why I return from a week's vacation to find my ship infested with a dangerous life form even kindergarten children know not to keep as pets?

” he inquired when the doors whooshed closed, trying to keep his voice mild.

“They seemed harmless when Ensign Lessing brought them from her visit home five days ago, and were certificated to have a much slower reproduction rate,” his stoic First began,

standing at full attention, his uniform impeccable as usual. Not a single tribble hair.

“And everyone was instructed not to feed them – much, that is,” he continued, looking slightly uncomfortable. Which was probably the only facial expression Damien was going to get.

Sometimes, he couldn't help but wonder if the unflappable man had any Vulcans somewhere in his family tree. “We didn't want to have a repeat of that infamous Enterprise incident.

I don't know what went wrong.”

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