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In Dreams

I was sitting in Donnie's lab, pretending to read a book, but was actually focusing more on his biceps... He called me in, as he usually did.

He knew I liked to be around the lab and help him with all kinds of stuff. Not that I could ever really understand what my favorite brainiac was working on.

He would tell me all about his new projects, but I could rarely actually get it.

We'd do that a lot: he would be trying to experiment on something or build something, while I would sit next to him and assist him with whatever was requested of me.

That's how I usually got some alone-time with him, unless one of the other turtles, his brothers, would be in the lab as well, distracting his attention.

All I knew, I could watch him work for hours, sticking his cute li'l tongue out in a wave of concentration and genius.

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