In Digestion Sour
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In Digestion Sour

Ned always had a weak stomach, and it wasn't the kind Falstaff always accused him of possessing. He got sick easily and it had caused him pain, both physical and emotional, all his life.

It didn't help that Ned had always been on his own. No one to care for him, and if he did have someone they just handed him a bucket.

He got nauseous easily and he often found himself revisiting his last meal.

He didn't want to but he more often then not his throat grew scratchy with the effort and he always felt tears forming, sometimes they escaped and ran down his face.

They were forced out by the pain and struggle and as a result of the brutal loneliness he felt as his weakness taunted him.

Ned felt like a little child that couldn't control himself, and he hid the fact from everyone else in his life- not that there was anyone in it.

He even couldn't face kind old Mistress Quickly- she took care of Doll who was very sick and she certainly would have taken care of Ned,

but he still couldn't bring himself to go to her for help. The nauseous feeling would always be his companion.

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