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In Carcere

Initially he makes sure everything is going fine with Slaine because it is, in a way, his duty, since he was the one who put him in prison to begin with.

He is not heartless, despite what he knows many think of him.

And then he reveals to the boy why he was spared.

Slaine’s reaction…the desperation and the hope and the sadness as he cried and lost control in a way no cold evil dictator could possible pull off…

It gives rise to the curiosity Inaho had regarding the one named Slaine Troyard ever since he had been nearly killed by him, and then had watched him ascend in the martian hierarchy.

Who was this boy, truly? What was his real motivation?

The feeling of wanting to know is almost a


Although hearing Slaine speak is surprising given his usual silence, Inaho avoids letting the question distract him from the game, and first makes his move before thinking it over. “Hm?”

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