In All the Cosmos
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In All the Cosmos

Cosmo remembers the set-up.

He remembers the way Lina treated Don when he was a stuntman, the way she only acknowledged his existence when it was absolutely required for the picture they were shooting,

and the way he and Don would laugh it off after over a drink, still in awe of how this whole Hollywood unreality worked.

And he remembers the first time Lina looked at Don, not only as an equal, but as a man; he remembers the tense feeling in his stomach and chest, and then the warm,

melting feelings of amusement and relief, the latter such a deep and familiar sensation by then he barely registered it, when Don threw back at Lina her own snide attitude.

And they had laughed at it that night, over a celebratory drink. Don was going to be in a picture, not just as a stuntman, but as a star. He was making their dream come true.

And Cosmo was more than happy to sit at the piano and let Don take the wheel for the both of them.

He distinctly remembers the gleam in Don's eye as they toasted his first picture that night, a shine that had nothing to do with the alcohol they'd imbibed.

In retrospect, he should have seen it as a sign of things to come.

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