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In a Word

“You’ll never guess it, fluff.”

“I haven’t even tried yet!”

“Doesn’t matter. Guarantee you’ll never get it.”

The conversation had become a circular one. Judy was convinced that she could guess the password to Nick’s phone. Nick was adamant that she couldn’t.

Judy huffed.

“At least let me

Nick grinned and leaned back in his chair, pulling down his uniform as it began to crumple up around his waist.

“Three tries.”

Judy immediately took his phone and began experimenting.



She hesitated. Only one try left. She inhaled and took the plunge.

Nick saw the last one and chuckled.

“Really? That’s what you’re going with?”

Judy let out a frustrated sigh and handed his phone back.


figure it out eventually.”

“I certainly hope so.”

Judy balked at the odd response, but just as she was about to ask Nick what he meant, Bogo walked into the briefing room and the matter was quickly forgotten.

Later that day, Nick decided to catch up on some emails in the squad car while Judy drove. He swiped the screen, paused to glance at Judy, then punched in his password.

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