In a Perfect World
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In a Perfect World

“Finally, today is a very big day for Sea God Industries…”

“Yes, today is the day when nineteen-year-old company president Uomi Nishikigoi unveils the company’s new plan for city security,

the first major plan drafted with her as the president of Sea God Industries.

This plan, having been hinted at for months, is described by vice president Jiiya Sakana as ‘as genius as those of Mr. Nishikigoi himself.

’ No further details were given, but the board of directors at Sea God Industries…”

Abruptly, the television faded to black, and Wadanohara Regalis brushed the dust from the screen with one hand, giggled when static was sent up her fingers,

and locked eyes with herself in the darkened reflection.

Yes, today was a very big day indeed.

Wadanohara was practically waltzing through her morning routine, brushing her hair while humming a new melody and not even being able to sit down long enough to put on her stockings.

All she could think about was the announcement today, the one she knew all about and had even assisted Tatsumiya in throwing in ideas for.

The sheer brilliance of it all just made her practically glow with glee; it was excellent, intelligent, accommodating, it was simply

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