In a Corner of My Soul
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In a Corner of My Soul

“In a corner of my soul there hides a tiny frightened child, who is frightened by a corner where there lingers something wild.” ― Shaun Hick,

from Advanced Demonology 305, Watcher's Council Lecture Series

The heavy stone walls of the church were more appropriate to a fort than to a temple of God. Rupert needed it to be both but knew that, for him, it couldn't be either.

He found a seat at the back before the service was due to begin without stopping to sign the registry.

His clothes, the tweed he'd returned to after rejoining the Council, wouldn't raise a second glance. Nothing identified him as Randall's wild, bohemian friend.

Nothing identified him as Randall's killer.

Mozart's Requiem charmed the air as the church filled.

Rupert mused over the parallels, certain that no one else here would appreciate them: a gifted young man, misunderstood by those who'd raised him, who'd died tragically and far too young.

The music, instead of celebrating Randall's life, invoked memories of his death, memories not of Randall but of the demon he'd become, memories of Eyghon breaking free of the circle,

memories of the spell Rupert had cast to destroy the demon, and memories of what had come after. Wrenching his thoughts off that track, Rupert closed his eyes and focused on the music.

His mind wouldn't still. He wondered who had selected the Requiem. It was an unlikely choice for Randall's working-class parents.

Perhaps the priest had made the selection for them as a kindness, not forcing more choices on the family in their time of grief.

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