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A story by junakabisque adapted for commaful. watch the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


He felt cold. His body was numb. He couldn’t move a muscle. The thought of being paralysed scared him. The light that was constantly switched on and off hurt his eyes. The lids were shut tight.

He wanted to open them—

to open them. He couldn’t. His chest felt tight. It was hard to breathe. The thick air was suffocating. He was afraid...of

With a jolt, Sakamoto Takashi woke up. His eyes were almost in the shape of saucers; cold sweats dampening his brown locks, making them look darker. The neon light was blinding him.

It was hanging right above him on the ceiling. Everything around him was too bright. The brunette found himself lying on a white mattress in

. From his position, he couldn’t spot a door; but he did find the ventilation up on one of those padded walls.

Takashi tried to sit up; it was when he noticed that his hands were tied, resting painfully beneath his lower back. He then began examining himself. He wasn’t wearing his own clothes.

Instead, a plain white and oversized cotton shirt clad his lithe body. The hems of light grey sweat pants he was wearing were covering his heels. He didn’t recognise the clothes.

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