Important Truths
Important Truths peter petrelli stories

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Important Truths

She was important.

More than anything else, Peter knew this to be completely true. It wasn’t because some crazed man decided she was. It certainly wasn’t because of her ability at all.

But it was because she was Emma. She was Emma and she was beautiful, brilliant, and

She was a hero, just like him, but also so much more.

And there really was so much he should have told her. He should have explained things sooner, told her about everything sooner, protected her sooner.

He shouldn’t have let a wedge come between them. He should have been more honest with her from the start.

Maybe if he had worked just a little harder, he could have kept her safer.

It would have kept everyone else safer in turn, her ability wouldn’t have been used against people the way it was, but so much more important was

He should have told her how he felt, explained to her why she was so important, told her that she

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