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fanfic by foreverloved adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...


We own a house on the east end of Konoha. It doesn't look like much. A rundown mechanics shop, perhaps a warehouse.

I have done nothing to change the stainless steel exterior or attempt to remove the graffiti dotting its surface.

Why should I bother? With such a grotesque shell it only serves to deter any possible inspection.

The neighborhood being what it is I would have preferred forgoing the windows peeking out from the second floor but he insisted they be there. For the studio he said.

You can't make paintings without natural light. He had wanted to display the paintings he created outside but I insisted that if they left the home, they would get stolen. Just like Sasuke.

Inside the home is just that; a house. A kitchen towards the back and a table for us to eat at. The remaining space is left for Sasuke's studio.

Above the ground floor is the majority of our living space.

I won't ever let Sasuke see what I have in the second room, so instead he spends his free time in the room we share together or his studio below.

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