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Theta Sigma is scared.

That much, at least, is undeniable, no matter how much they hate it. They're too young, too strange, too clever by half - and they are very, very scared.

It was a stupid idea - they

that, they’re not that naive, just - stupid. Stupid idea, but they’re young and angry and they had to get out of the Academy or they would have exploded.

It was all right in Cadon, on the slopes. They could always figure out a way to trick Badger into letting them out.

They always managed to get into the red grass, in the end,

and then they'd run along the hills and watch the stars glow against the transduction-barrier-red and they could almost pretend they were free, for a while. The Academy is different.

In the Academy the only release is building nonsense machines and pulling pranks on Borusa with the Deca and - sometimes - stupid ideas. Like breaking into the Matrix.

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