Immortal Tears
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Immortal Tears

She sat at the bar, eyes not affected by the dim lighting as she surveyed the patrons around her. A quick glance the clock above the door told her it was a quarter till midnight.

Elsa had little more than one hour before this small backwoods bar closed for the night. One hour to find her quarry, and gain their trust.

If all else failed, Elsa could just try to lure in one of the many middle-aged men who sat all around her, but she would prefer a target with more... feminine qualities.

It wasn't that Elsa was particularly picky when it came to her hunting, but Feeding always awakened Elsa's more carnal desires, and that was a need that, for Elsa, required a woman's touch.

Elsa wasn't a proud person, but she knew she had what it takes to lure in an unsuspecting victim.

With her platinum locks, ice blue eyes, and flawless porcelain skin, it was quite easy for Elsa to seduce her prey. Now, all she had to do, was wait.

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