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“What you seek lies beyond that door young man.” *Young man*
By Vincent_VenaCava


by Vincent_VenaCava

“What you seek lies beyond that door young man.”

*Young man*

No one had called David young in a decade. He had spent most of youth searching for the secret to immortality.

David had studied archaic texts, ancient hymns, and even age-old legends from bygone cultures around the world.

It wasn’t until he reached his early forties that he was able to piece together enough evidence to lead him to an ancient Shaolin Monastery that sat atop an icy mountain in Tibet.

David braved the conditions in order to speak to the wise monks he believed held the secret, but when he finally arrived he found the temple empty, save for one elderly holy man.

The monk’s face was wrinkled and weathered, but when David explained why he had sought him out, the old man’s tired eyes lit up with a renewed sense of youth and vigor.

He hobbled down an empty hallway and lead David to a large red door with strange symbols inscribed on it.

“Just beyond this door,” David repeated.

He swung it open, but was immediately met with a blinding light. It enveloped the room, swallowing David and the Monk. David felt as if his soul was being ripped from his body.

Eventually the door violently slammed shut on its own returning the room to its natural state.

When David’s eyes refocused he screamed at the sight of his own body standing before him and smirking with a satisfied look on its face.

Still in shock, he looked down to his now wrinkled, weathered hands – hands that once belonged to an old Monk with tired eyes.

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