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Imagine You and Me

My breathing is steady as the pavement below my feet falls behind me with every step I take. I feel beads of sweat roll down the indent of my spine as I run in the humid Louisiana summer heat.

My legs are burning, but I increase my speed and lengthen my stride for the last 3 minutes of my run.

My breath comes in quicker intervals as I struggle to breathe through the pain of my legs that are beginning to cramp up.

I turn onto the oak lined driveway and sprint the last 50 yards. As soon as I reach the end of the driveway I collapse into the grass in the cool shade of an oak tree.

My chest is heaving as I try and catch my breath, and sweat drips down my hairline along the back of my neck.

I close my eyes and enjoy the small breeze that temporarily reprieves the sweltering heat that makes me feel like I’m baking in an oven.

I’ve only closed my eyes for a few minutes but can feel my exhausted body begin to relax and fall asleep. That is until I feel something wet and slimy suddenly wipe it’s self across my face.

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