I'm Your Sugar-Pink
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A fiction by radiatorfromspace posted on commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

I'm Your Sugar-Pink

“The Future of the Health-Tech Industry and Your Phone,”

“Sync Your Devices—Sync Them to You.”


the kid knew.



On a sunny Friday morning in May two years later,

Thor parks his silver Maserati on the curb of Farbauti's property at 9 o'clock sharp and glares at the front windows of the house until his ex-wife's face appears at one of them

and promptly disappears.

He is always punctual for his custody weekends with his former stepson, he doesn't bother calling or even texting Farbauti the day of,

he doesn't bother getting out of his car and walking to the door—and when she comes onto the front steps to see Loki off, Thor also does not bother to wave.

He doesn't even roll down his window to shout at her across her league-long lawn.

As he checks that his phone is still working, he simmers. Their custody agreement legally grants Thor a few weekends each month, which in

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