I'm Still Here
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A work by luckyladybug adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

I'm Still Here

The night that Angie died, Danny disappeared.

Judge Fulton wasn't that concerned. While he knew this entire case had been a serious blow to Danny, he was sure that Danny wanted to be alone and had just gone off somewhere to think . . .

or maybe to get drunk and try to forget.

Brett betted on the latter.

And while perhaps once not long ago he would have simply believed Danny's declaration that he was alright and left him alone,

now he just didn't feel right about leaving Danny to his own devices tonight.

Losing a loved one in any way was a painful blow, but losing one because he had decided to become a hitman was something Brett could not even fathom.

He wondered if Danny had managed to wrap his mind around it yet. He also wondered and worried what Danny would do when he did.

So Brett spent the evening and part of the night combing London's nightclubs. Several times he almost thought he had found Danny, only to be disappointed that it was someone else.

But when he actually did find Danny, there was no mistake.

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