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I'm Sorry

Rain washes our faces. Yes, I

fully aware of that. And in case I somehow happened to forget that we both are getting soaked, you see, there are still those tiny little drops of water to remind me.

But do I seriously look like I care?

Do I look like I give a shit about the fact that we could possibly die in hypothermia on this chilling late autumn night? Yeah, I don't think so either.

So stop rambling about how we should get inside before we freeze to death because

And say the one thing I want you to say instead because I'm sure you know what it is. Then we can go back inside. Maybe.

Otherwise I won't stay here a minute longer, even if it's my own house we're talking about. My

I don't want your apology, no. I don't want to hear how immensely sorry you are because obviously it doesn't matter. Sorry or not, it won't change a thing.

I want to hear you say that you did it. I want you to admit it so we can move forward.

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