I’m not used to this.
I’m not used to this. art stories

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Suki type of a girl that will spend her times searching for the space for hours, trying to solve the math riddle or observing about human habit, she has 5% interest in Love and she has 2 reasons.
By naandraining http://naandraining.tumbl...

I’m not used to this.

by naandraining

Suki type of a girl that will spend her times searching for the space for hours, trying to solve the math riddle or observing about human habit,

she has 5% interest in Love and she has 2 reasons.

First, Suki realises maybe she’s not an attractive girl, she’s chubby, tall, wearing t-shirt, jeans, sneakers,

she has messy hair every day and don’t know how to act cute in front of the boys.

Second, no boys can’t stand chatting with her about the galaxy or about why people hate rain so much yet being grumpy on a hot day.

But there is a boy name Jasper her co-worker who always give Suki a lot of things.

On a hot day Jasper will suddenly come to Suki’s desk give an Ice cream for her, when Rainy day Jasper will give his umbrella to Suki, made a Coffee for Suki in the morning,

and the most of all is Jasper brought Suki “A brief story of time” by Stephen Hawking which Suki wanted so bad.

Jasper type of a boy that attractive to the woman, he’s tall, got a curly short hair cut, nice smile, smart, when he talks people will listen, easy going,

Jasper has tonnes of fans in and out the office. Jasper is perfect.Suki sits on the sofa in her little apartment, waiting.

Jasper supposed to have come to her apartment and they will watch a movie about Jupiter today, yet Jasper late almost 3 hours. It makes Suki mad and worries at the same times.

She starts wondering.Why Jasper is so late, does he overslept?Maybe something happens with his motorcycle.

What if Jasper sick, so sick till he can’t text her, but Jasper should text her, she knew Jasper will know that Suki will worries.But why she has to this worries? They’re not dating.

Even though Suki always love when Jasper listen all of her story, with his eyes wide open but a wrinkle on his eyebrows which somehow it looks so cute for her,

the way Jasper give a question after it just to prove to her he is listen, how Jasper scratch his head while trying to solve math riddles with her and fall asleep ten minutes after that,

a happy peace on his face when sleeping makes Suki wonder what is he dreaming of.“Wait!” Suki mumbling.

“Why suddenly I day dreaming about Jasper?

” Suki asked no one in her apartment, blushing, her heart beat fast just thinking maybe she’s falling in love to Jasper!

By a minute her logical brain gives the reason why Jasper might not that feelings, perhaps Jasper like Suki as his friend, nothing special. Suki nod, agree with her logical brain.

Bell ringing on Suki’s door, she knew its Jasper, no one will come for a visit today not today, no one came for a visit her every day.

“Jasper?” Suki asked, when she opened the door there is a man or woman standing with bouquet flowers full decoration of space covering his or her almost half body.

“Yes,” Jasper voice, heavy breath. “Can I come in?” he asked.“Sure,” Suki said and step aside let Jesper come then she closed the door.

“I know it might be freaking you up but-”“Can you put the flowers down?, its weird, like I’ve talked to the flowers”“No,” Jasper said, his voice trembling like nervous about something.

“Ok,” Suki said. “Why are you late?” Suki asked awkwardly because she is talking to the bouquet.

“Because I made this bouquet, I know you like space but I want to give you flowers”“Why?”“Why what?”“Why you wanna give me flowers?”“Because I like you?

” Jasper said, quite for a moment, her heart beating fast. “Suki?, I said I-”“I heard what you’ve said,” Suki said to try to cover her nervous voice.

Her logical brain thinking why this happens, and try to find a logical reason.

“Suki, are you thinking right now?” asked Jasper like he can read Suki’s mind even he can’t see her behind the bouquet.

“Yup”“Please stop,” Jasper said, finally put the bouquet on the sofa and face Suki.This is the first time Suki realise why other girls in the office wanting to be Jasper’s girlfriend.

Jasper’s blue eyes match with his gently smiling face and his curly hair was so adorable.“But it is not logical,” Suki said, she can’t be covering her nervous anymore.

“I mean, you are adorable, handsome, smart, funny guy and I’m just… weird”“But I like you,” Jasper said his cold hands maybe because he got nervous, touch Suki’s cheeks.

“There is one thing in this world there is no need a logical reason”“Please don’t say, love,” Suki said and Jasper laughing it makes Suki heart stop for a moment,

Suki mad to her heart because it shows that the heart loves Jasper charming laugh.

“Can we start dating?” asked Jasper, staring at Suki’s eyes like want to read her mind and reveal its secret.

Suki again, thinking about it and again her logical brain can’t searching logical reasons why Jasper doing it.

Then Suki realises, maybe she will find the answers if she agrees with Jasper since no one understands her like Jasper.She smiles to Jasper who smiling at her too.“ok”

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