I'm Not Scared Of The Dark
I'm Not Scared Of The Dark nick grimshaw stories

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I'm Not Scared Of The Dark

Louis was five years old and a little bundle of energy, he was always happy and very eager to do everything and anything,

sticking his head in everyone's buisness and in everybody's face at every second, and everyone who he met, he would instantly act like their best friend and talk to them non stop.

Everyone loved him and thought he was so cute they didn't mind his rambling.

Harry was a sweet, shy little boy who liked to listen to stories and hug trees and talk to his pet cat and cuddle with his mummy or his sister or anyone else who would let him have a cuddle.

Harry was blind. Louis was not.

It was the first day of primary school today, and the classroom was a buzz of noise from twenty different four and five year old kids learning where their bag hooks were,

getting their name tags on, and hugging their mummy's and daddy's goodbye.

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