I'm Not Good Enough
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Something I wrote up at 2 AM after a night of dealing with people I can't stand. Enjoy.

I'm Not Good Enough

At eight years old I was very thin. I was told to gain weight. I was called anorexic. Was forced to eat until I was nearly sick.

At eleven years old I was less thin. I was still told to gain weight. I was still called anorexic. Was still forced to eat more than I could.

At thirteen years old I’d gained enough weight to be considered average Rather than being considered thin. No more being called anorexic Instead they called me fat.

At fifteen years old I’d lost some weight I was still average, not quite thin again. It still wasn’t good enough. They went back to calling me anorexic.

Over the years I’ve found I’ve never been good enough. I will never be good enough. I am not good enough. Why can’t I just be good enough?

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