I'm not a dame
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A short story by cats_eye78 posted on commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

I'm not a dame

I'm not a dame

Chapter 1

Bucky came home drunk one night after being dragged out by a couple of the guys he works with on the docks.

He stumbles around their apartment stripping off his cloths before throwing himself onto the bed. He lands heavily on Steve, knocking the air out of the smaller man.

As he gasps for air he tries to elbow Bucky off of him. Bucky snorts at the feeble attempt, rolling onto his side and pulling the smaller body close.

He rubs his open mouth along the back of the exposed neck, smiling when Steve shivers.

“Quit it Bucky, I'm not a dame.” Steve grumbles half turning towards his inebriated friend.

“I know you're no dame.” He hums happily, planting kisses under his friend's ear and jawline.

“Who needs a dame when I've got a Stevie?” He starts to lick sloppily where he'd kissed moments before.

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