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I'm Listening

I'm Listening

Disclaimer: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and all related characters belong to Nickelodeon and its creators. I make no monetary profit from this work it is only for entertainment.

Author’s Note: 2014 Movie-Verse - Rated M for a reason!

This work contains sexual content, violence, and at times dark themes that will become more developed as the story continues- you have been warned.

Also, I have messed with the timetable the story is set in current time, but the guys are in their mid twenties- so the events of the movie would have happened around 2004.

The first duty

of love is

to listen.

~ Paul Tillich

Chapter 1: Talk Nerdy to Me

Privacy. It was one of the only silverlinings of having to find and build a new lair.

This home had been selected and constructed for adults, and not for a single father tending to four small boys. Everyone now had their own rooms and space.

He not only had a lab with four walls and a heavy door, but his own room which lay on the other side of the lab from the rest of the lair.

Which meant that in the ten years since the defeat of Shredder, Donnie had been spoiled in this new lair with privacy to safely carry out his work.

His brothers had over time stopped barging into the lab- explosions from his more volatile experiments had proven an excellent deterrent for that, though he had lost some scales in the process.

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