I'm a prisoner get me out of here
I'm a prisoner get me out of here tamara knight stories

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I'm a prisoner get me out of here

“You’ve got to be joking me.”

It was Wolf who first spoke, upon entering the room and seeing Ben Daniels, professionally known as Fox. That would seem odd in average jobs but this was never an average job.

He walked over to the other man, clapping him on the shoulder in a brotherly embrace. They were in a small, almost polite looking waiting room.

There were two plush settees facing opposite each other and windows covered with blinds. He wondered about that.

What did MI6 have to hide this time?

The thought had occurred to him that maybe he was here to talk to K-Unit, receive the call for more training skills needed in Brecon Beacon but he could only see Fox from his unit.

There were other people, of course. None of them sat. The strange thing was, each one of them only knew one of person in the room.

Ed Shulsky knew Tamara Knight, Scooter knew Texas, and vaguely Ben Daniels. Who, with relief realised he also knew someone- Wolf.

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