Illegal Zombie-Actor Cage Fighting
Illegal Zombie-Actor Cage Fighting stargate sg-1 rpf stories

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Illegal Zombie-Actor Cage Fighting

“Katherine Heigl,” Katee said. “AKA Other Katie. One of the writers told me I was Katee, but that she was Other Katie? And Ron has ISSUES with Other Katie.

So why was Mary talking to Other Katie?”

“Who knows why Mary does anything?”

“Her craft, social justice, general niceness, and the desire to make sure Ron never ever gets complacent?” Katee suggested. “But apparently, JJ Abrams has a serious zombie problem. And when


were filming, there was a zombie attack on-set. It’s probably why he films in Hawaii — it’s cheaper to deal with zombies there, what with it being an island, even with the fees.”

“Is this about the time Ron had zombies?” Jamie asked, poking his head into the green room. “It made me think twice about ever working for JJ Abrams.”

“Maybe that’s why Tom Cruise hooked up with him,” Tricia mused. “Easy access to zombie girls.”

Mary was not, in fact, talking to Katie Heigl.

She had hung up the phone with Katie twenty minutes ago, with the promise to talk to her again as soon as she’d done five more things to make Ron’s life miserable.

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