I'll Return, Just For You
I'll Return, Just For You  gakuen alice stories

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A work by rei300216 adapted for commaful. find the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

I'll Return, Just For You

*Mikan’s POV*

Mikan skips towards class, late as usual. But this time it isn’t her fault, the principal called her to his office after all.

The principal asked her to transfer to the alice school in America, Academy of Alice. Mikan declined because she knows that her friends would be sad if she left.

Due to the commotion that she hears from outside class B (they’re all 12), she assumes that it’s a free period.

Good, at least I don’t have to come back during Jin Jin’s class, she smiles to herself. Mikan can hear one conversation clearly from outside and for some reason she hesitates.

“God Sakura-san is so annoying!” Permy says loudly. Mikan’s eyes open wide in surprise, she thought they were becoming friends.

“I know.” Nonoko says.

“Is being a little less overly cheerful too much to ask?” Anna sneers. Tears prick in Mikan’s eyes and she tries to not cry.

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