Ill Met By Walford
Ill Met By Walford john smith (tenth doctor) stories

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Ill Met By Walford

Donna Noble carefully considered the script in her hands. They wanted her to do what?! Immediately she stormed over to the director to give him a piece of her mind.

“Oi, you! Dougie! Since when did you turn into Hitchcock and wanted to torture us all?” she demanded to know.

“Is something wrong, Donna?” Dougie asked as pleasantly as he could, knowing full well that this tirade was coming. “Did you spot the addition in your script?”

“Addition!” she near shrieked.

“Is that what they call adding in soft porn these days, is it? When I joined the cast of EastEnders I never thought I’d end up with a bedroom scene with Simon DuBuerre.

What is the world coming to when every single unattached woman is practically thrown into his bed?”

“Donna, please,” he calmly began to explain.

“As you know, your character of Maggie Postlethwaite was supposed to stay as the comedy relief in this latest story and undeclared queen of the laundromat,

supporting Shirley after she attempts to burn down the Queen Vic; but the viewer feedback we’ve been getting about those scenes between you and John…”

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