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1. I would worship you every morning Before the sun peeks its head
By plutoniandreams http://plutoniandreams.tu...

if you were mine

by plutoniandreams

1. I would worship you every morning

Before the sun peeks its head

Over the horizon, my mouth

Tracing poems across the gold

Of your skin, just so you could

Always start the day with my love

Etched across you, so when you walk

The streets, no one could see you

Without also seeing my love,

Enveloping you in lights.

2. I would climb to the highest peak

The world has seen, if only to scream

Your name once I reach the summit,

Scream it until my throat freezes

And even then, I will find ways

To communicate to the heavens

That I love you; how, like the moon,

I illuminate your darkness,

So you may be resplendent

Far, far from my reaches.

3. I would make you rest your head on my lap

On days when you feel you have

No other way but out, I will lightly

Stroke the edges of your face, tell you

To look up at me. For no words

In any language could ever describe

Your inherent value in this universe.

The only way to show you this

Is for you to look into my eyes.

(That is, if only you were mine.)

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