If You Want the Rainbow
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If You Want the Rainbow

She should have stayed on the cruise when it docked at the island. She should have gotten a massage, or curled up in bed with a book, or even hung out with Butler Boy at the craps tables.

Instead she was caught in a downpour after Nanny Fine insisted they all meet up to do “touristy” things.

The Sheffield children ran ahead, laughing and shrieking through the rain. Nanny Fine and Maxwell shared an umbrella (go figure) strolling leisurely along in front of her.

That left her and Niles to begrudgingly share another umbrella. CC hogged it, not caring that half of the butler’s body was now drenched and his teeth were chattering.

Suddenly Nanny Fine and Maxwell stopped, and CC and Niles nearly crashed into the two of them.

“Ooh, even in storm it’s still so pretty here, isn’t it Mr. Sheffield?” Nanny Fine squealed in delight, tilting her head back and extending her arms in the rain.

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