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If You Asked

Danielle clicked the safety off as she calmly stood in front of John Walker. Her gun was aimed at his groin.

"Shame no one will see this," Danielle mused.

"These guys will."

"Yeah, and?"

"I'll claim brutality," John threatened.

Danielle pulled the trigger twice in quick succession. "FUCK YOU!" she snarled.

"Bitch," John whimpered as blood and urine quickly covered his pants.

Danielle smiled triumphantly. "Just keeping my promise," she said as she handed Jack’s gun back to him.

Ray turned and watched Danielle as she made her way towards Jack’s car, noticing as she wiped tears away with the back of her hand.

Danielle got into Jack's car locking the doors; she turned the radio on, twisting the dial until she had her favorite station. She amplified the volume when one of her favorite songs was on.

She started mumbling the words. "Every time I'm falling down. All alone I fall to pieces."

Jack sighed. "They’ve taken him to San Francisco General for treatment, and from there he’ll be transferred to Oakland for questioning."

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