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A story by lmere adapted for commaful. read the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

If Only

"No!" I came awake with a cry, my body frozen in the darkness. The terror passed as the images began to fade from my eyes, though I knew I would never be able to totally escape them.

My hands were encrusted with blood, and my dreams would always reflect that. Still breathing heavily, I pushed myself up on my elbows and twitched aside the curtains to the window over my bed.

It was still mostly dark outside but there was just enough light for me to distinguish between the abandoned buildings that made up the silent city, and the sky they stood against.

With a sigh, I rolled upwards, shivering slightly as I left the warm duvet for the chilly air of the room.

Stretching my arms over my head, I pushed up onto my toes, feeling the pull all along my body until my shoulders cracked, the popping noise loud in the quiet room.

Easing back down, I fell into a crouch, pumping a couple of punches out into the air in front of me before beginning to get dressed, trying not to think, not to relive the nightmare.

It worked, until I was making the bed.

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