If love kills...
If love kills... mental instability stories

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If love kills...


The stinging pain brakes through the walls of numbness clouding my senses.

I let my head sink.

Fine drops of red blood drip onto plain white tiles.

Even though the blade of the dagger I'm holding is blood covered, it's still flashing fascinatingly in the bright bathroom's lights.

Once again I slide the blade along my skin and gaze at the furrows it's leaving.

Tiny streams of blood cover my white flesh with the beautiful red color of fresh blood.

Mesmerized I watch how more and more blood escapes my weakening body.

The sight of blood rivers slowly flowing over the chalk white floor is numbing my already intoxicated senses even more.

My skin's drowning in blood. Red.... what a beautiful color... but what would it look like... these long red bangs of mine... sprawled upon his slender frame... my blood...

on his milky white skin... I want you... I need you.... why can't you just love me as well... stay with me.. even if it's just for one night... I want to hear you say you love me...

only once...is this my destiny, beloved one?

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