If It's You and Me
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A written piece by shironekoisme adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

If It's You and Me

The round clock on the wall struck twelve o'clock in the morning. A teenage boy was stretching his well-toned muscles on his bed, long legs spread widely into a perfect split.

It became a daily routine for him before going to bed since he needed to keep his body condition in check at all times for competitions coming ahead.

The doorbell rang, halting the boy's stretching process.

"Who is it..


" Fujiwara Takeru,

a tall high school boy with smooth raven hair answered the door of his apartment to find a familiar light blond haired boy drenched from the rain standing miserably in front of him.

"...hey. Um, Fu-fujiwara..." The blond squeaked in that small voice of his, in which Fujiwara could detect a slight tremble from it.

"Yagami? What happened?" He asked, but swiftly grabbed hold of thin, wet wrist and pulled the soaked boy inside before shutting the door.

Yagami Riku was his childhood friend who lived next door when Fujiwara was still staying with his family.

He soon moved out after entering high school since his current apartment was closer to a park where he would practice parkour running with members of the school's Stride Club.

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