If I Had Any Sense (I Guess I'd Fear This)
If I Had Any Sense (I Guess I'd Fear This) liam neeson stories

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A fanfic by helens78 adapted for commaful. see the rest: https://archiveofourown.o...

If I Had Any Sense (I Guess I'd Fear This)

The only reason Jason hadn't called it after two days, when Bill was on the phone for his nightly check-in, was his stubbornness.

Stubbornness and bravado that Liam eventually wore out of him; by day five, Bill's voice was a lifeline and Jason stuck with it because he

let Liam see how broken he was. It was only a week. Before Eclipse, Jason had had far worse weeks.

He managed to get through entire hours afterward without thinking of Liam; it was only about a year before he stopped dreaming about Liam's hands and waking up hard and scared shitless.

Bill was pretty pissed off at Jason for sticking it out that long. "You're supposed to fucking safeword," he said. "I would have pulled you out in a heartbeat.

" Bill is never going to understand.

Getting called out on the dining room floor so someone can pay respects to the chef isn't uncommon here, but Jason still stumbles over his own feet when he sees who it is.

Somehow he's managed to avoid Liam all these years, or maybe Liam's been avoiding him.

Either way, Jason grabs the towel off his shoulder and starts twisting it in his hands as he goes over to see Liam; he hopes the chef's coat is heavy enough to hide his erection.

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